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USB connections Guardian




Anti-theft for computer accessories in game nets and cafe nets

This software is a suitable anti-theft for USB tools like mouse , webcam and so on, which is planned for game nets and cafe nets and other Networks that are generally applicable.

Manager of game nets and café nets deal with some difficulties, because a lot of people come to the game nets or café nets for using computer. For example in a game nets ,the most users of computers are younger so you need take care about their behavior. Now this software can help you.

You can install the software on a computer of game net manager by guidebook simply, the software can recognize and sort all of USB connections like mouse or another kinds of USB tools which are available in game nets.

Now management of game net can activate the protective program for one tool or client( a system which is used by user). When the protective program is active ,if a USB tool is going out by a user, the USB protective program aware you by alarms.

You can make safe your USB accessories and PS/2 forever by using USB connections protective software.

Some advantages of USB connections protective software:

1. No limitation for the number of client

2. No limitation for the number of tools

3. Security of the program is in a high level because the software just install on a manager computer.

4. It is usable for PS/2 accessories by using a cheap USB connection.

5. Ability to define password.

6. Ability to change or turn off the sound of alarm.

7. Simple usage without any disorder in system.

8. Simple set out

9. Free copy with expire time.

10. Complete protective for windows 7 and XP.


If you use window 7 on computer, you should set out the program according to the guidebook.

Surely restart the system after installing and before operating.

It is necessary to use administrator for window 7.(you can see more explanation in protective club in common questions about USB connection protective part).

If a client have problem with the program you can download client set (Cset) file and install it on client computer.

It's worthy of mention, the file should be operated by administrator and if you install a freeze program on computer it is necessary make it inactive.

You don't need to use client set (Cset) if you use former versions.

If you use this software Outside the Iran , For get the Free activation code Please contact the Online Support .

Game net and Internet Cafe softwares that have been tested


Payment Link For Overseas 

Please Send payment information and  image of the activation window to the following email.


Translator: Mrs. Karimi


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کلمات کليدي : Anti-theft for computer accessories
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